5 Amazing WordPress Themes For Bloggers

5 Amazing WordPress Themes For Bloggers

It’s really time-consuming to search for and decide upon new WordPress themes. Sometimes it may be confusing, because every single theme has its own features. I know how many beautiful themes exist and I’d love to install a new one every day – but no no no no.

Before I show you my 5 favorite WordPress Themes, I’d like to talk to you about some tips about how to choose the right WordPress theme:

  1. Think about all the features you and your blog needs. You are a photographer and you need a beautiful gallery? You need an online shop? Write down all your wishes for your new WordPress Theme!
  2. Read the reviews of your Theme you’d like to buy. You get to know immediately what kind of bugs and problems the WordPress theme may have.
  3. Take a look on every single page on the Live Preview mode. It’s really important that you check every sub-pages to be sure that you’ll be happy with this theme as soon as you have installed it on your blog.

Ingrid | Lovely Confetti:

Ingrid Theme von Lovely Confetti

HelloDarling | Hello You Designs:

HelloDarling von Hello You Designs

Glam | Restored 316:

Glam Theme von Restored 316

Kale Pro | lyrathemes:

Kale von lyrathemes

Foodica | WPZOOM:

Foodica Theme von WPZOOM

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